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The price of solar varies greatly from customer to customer. This is because the number of solar panels you need is directly related to how much power your family uses. After all, a different family living in your home may have a dramatically different power bill than you do. They may prefer cooler temperatures, or have more family members home at different times of the day than yours. Whatever your unique situation, going solar ensures that you will buy less power from the utility, which means a lower bill. When we provide a quote, we evaluate all the variables, including your family's unique electrical usage, roof configuration, shading, and local utility pricing. We then customize a system to produce enough electricity to completely offset your usage, or partly offset your most expensive electricity during peak time.
We also offer multiple ways to pay for your solar energy system, including a $0 down low monthly lease payment, or numerous solar financing programs with extended terms and $0 down payment options.
Our consultations are free, and since our mission is to educate, you can look forward to a low-pressure experience. Call one of our solar integrators for pricing and information specific to you and your home.

Sizing a solar energy system requires much more than square footage alone. The number of solar panels needed is dictated by two main variables: how much energy you use, and how much money you want to save. In addition, energy use is entirely unique to each household, with variables such as the number of family members living in the home, time spent at work vs. at home, or temperature preferences all contributing to a very personal energy profile.

Techops Global offers two types of systems: Pre-Engineered solar packages and custom engineered systems.

With nearly 8,000 installations across Sierra Leone, we have an intimate understanding of where size and maximum savings align for the majority of Sierra Leone, West Africa. This is the foundation for our pre-engineered approach, allowing us to optimize four high-performance solar packages for performance and value in West Africa’s most common sizes, complete with panels, racking, inverter, and basic installation. This approach allows us to pass tangible savings along to the buyer while offsetting a significant portion of their annual electric bill.

No, unless you have a fully off-grid system, your solar panels are integrated with the utility grid and will not operate if the grid is down. The reasons for this are both technical and regulatory.

From a technical perspective, as long as the sun is shining overhead, solar panels generate power regardless of how much electricity your home is actually consuming. In a grid connected system, excess solar power is sent back into the grid for a credit, and any additional power you need beyond what your panels are producing is pulled from the grid. It’s a constant push/pull. Panels reduce the amount of energy you need to purchase, but their production changes as the sun moves across the sky, clouds roll in, or night falls. Since your appliances require constant/predictable energy, the grid/solar interconnect creates a leveled power delivery throughout the day and night.

Your system will function on cloudy days, but it will produce less electricity depending on the density and duration of the cloud cover. At night your system will not have enough light to convert into electricity. During nighttime hours, your house will rely exclusively on grid energy.