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Health Care

Provide Solar And Renewable Energy for healthcare sector.


Sierra Leone has a huge potential for solar energy because tropic of cancer passes through its major states. India has around 300 sunny days, which make solar energy one of the most reliable sources of electricity. Nowadays, solar energy is being adapted by residential, commercial and industrial setup. Solar energy is gaining traction in energy-intensive establishments such as hospitals, medical schools, colleges, hotels and sports complex, etc.

The hospital spends a humongous amount of money in building a fail-safe environment, research shows that only 90% of the DGs start during a power outage. That 10% difference is huge, which endangers gazillions of lives and could possibly take all the goodwill of the hospital away.

This is where hybrid solar systems with batteries come. An energy-intensive utility like hospitals can tremendously benefit from solar energy for it can provide 24X7 electricity without fail. The power generated during the day can be stored and utilized later. Here are the reasons which prove how Solar Energy is a boon for the healthcare industry;

Accommodates energy-intensive sites

Sophisticated systems and equipment of the hospitals require an uninterrupted flow of electricity to perform a surgery or diagnosis. Most of the observation machines like monitors and ventilators run for 24X7. Solar energy can accommodate this huge requirement through heavy-duty PV systems.

  • A hospital often has a good rooftop and parking area available. There are various installation options like ground-mounted PV systems and can also go with BIPV (Building Integrated Photo Voltaic) systems in the carport area.
  • One of the most important benefits of solar energy is, it can stop your sky-high electricity bills. Once a PV system is installed, you can be carefree for the next 25 years, it’ll drastically reduce the electricity bills in the long run. DG sets and expensive inverters – the temporary solutions harm mother nature by making the air toxic.
  • Once the solar PV is installed, you can produce the electricity for your hospital and transfer the extra electricity through net metering and earn credits. It’s a good economic proposition for businesses since they won’t have to worry about the power supply for the next 25 years.

Client Quote

“With the climate crisis, we must reduce our carbon emissions as much as possible which is why we are aiming for Net Zero by 2030. Reducing consumption is our priority and generating our own energy including solar power is an important part of this.”

Lucy Smith

Head of Wildfowl & Wetland Trust
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