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Solar And Renewable Energy for Sierra Leone Government.

The West Africa Regional Energy Trade Development Policy Financing Program (West Africa Energy DPF) seeks to remove barriers to electricity trade, which will lower electricity costs for consumers, support the competitiveness of firms and improve resilience and reliability of supply. Currently, only 50 percent of the population in West Africa have access to electricity, and those who do pay among the highest prices in the world – more than double those of consumers in East Africa. In addition, due to operational deficiencies, electricity services are unreliable, with an average of 44 hours of outages per month.

Over the next 5 years, the solar industry is expected to grow more than 200% (installation and revenue) worldwide. The main drivers for the growth are (1) lower equipment cost, (2) lower energy cost vs conventional energy sources (gas, coal, etc.), (3) environmental concerns/issues, (4) improved reliability/availability through better solar panels and battery technology and (5) private investment sources.

The growth in the solar industry has attracted institutional investors as well as governments. Both see the upside to clean/renewable energy that is predictable, cost effective, easily distributed, and dependable.

This 100MW Solar Photovoltaic Power Project at Giema and Forya in Dama Chiefdom, Kenema District will provide a unique opportunity for Sierra Leone to address its energy deficit using an independent power producer (IPP) solution to allow for affordable prices. To provide a comprehensive solar power supply to off takers.

The Moawoma Solar project would be sited at Giema and Forya in Dama Chiefdom, Kenema District, and will produce enough electricity to supply the much-needed electricity to Industrial and Residential sector in the southern – eastern part of Sierra Leone.

Techops Market Overview

  • Sierra Leone's installed generating capacity, including IPPs that are currently operational, is estimated to be 259.71MW
  • This is far below the current electricity demand for the country, which stands at over 1,000 MW nationwide.
  • TechOps-Global Solar PV Power Project aims to deliver the transformative power of electricity to more people while ushering in a new era of low-carbon energy trade for Sierra Leone via integration into the West Africa Power Pool (WAPP).

Client Quote

“With the climate crisis, we must reduce our carbon emissions as much as possible which is why we are aiming for Net Zero by 2030. Reducing consumption is our priority and generating our own energy including solar power is an important part of this.”

Lucy Smith

Head of Wildfowl & Wetland Trust
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